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What is Safetica?

  • Certainty that there are no gaps in the corporate network that could leak documents.

  • Assurance that you spend your IT budget in an optimal way.

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Safetica cares about the security of your data

Unrestricted employee access to sensitive corporate data often causes problems. The Management Board does not know how they are processed or where and by whom they are forwarded. Safetica solves this problem by screening and reporting all activities of users working with sensitive data. Safetica also assesses the risk of security incidents, warning management against unproductive and potentially harmful actions of employees.

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DLP - Data Loss Prevention

Safetica is an intuitive solution for Data Loss Prevention (DLP). The product conducts security audits, protects sensitive data from "leaving" the corporate network and gives you an insight into the activities of employees on company devices. Implementation of the solution is simple and does not take much time, proving that comprehensive data protection can be available immediately.

Protection from data leakage

Reporting and efficiency control

Security audit of your organization

Security audit focuses on sensitive files in the company's environment, files leaving the company, and how employees use company resources.

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