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What is it exactly?

HOTKEY404 FAX system is a software for sending faxes.
Thanks to this virtual service, you no longer need a physical fax machine, paper or an analog telephone line. All you need is a web browser, a PDF file and the telephone number to which you want to send the fax.
In our panel you can send a fax quickly, easily and for free, without the need to enter into a contract or purchase expensive devices.

For FREE? Really?

YES! But how is that possible?

By using a SIP account.

Currently, you can log your own SIP account on our website (e.g. purchased from your current VoIP provider) and pay for the calls. We do not see the need to charge you additional costs.

What if you don't have your own SIP account?
You can send Faxes for points (one page = one point). And it's true that you will pay for the points (thankfully we have very competitive rates), but from time to time we give out points for free.

Should I provide my credentials? Is it really safe?

The FAX system from HotKey404 is entirely based on data and connection encryption.

Logging in and connections with the www panel are encrypted with SSL certificates (SHA-256 with RSA encryption).

We secure your password with the latest hashing methods.

How can I create an account on HOTKEY404 Fax system?2020-08-29T13:37:18+02:00

Goto and fill in required fields.

Do I need my own SIP account to be able to send faxes?2020-08-29T13:46:57+02:00

If you don't have your own SIP account you can send fax using points. Alternatively you can send us a quote request and we can provide you with your own SIP account using a local recommended carrier (depends on a country).

How do I obtain points necessary to send faxes?2020-08-29T13:54:12+02:00

Goto to, login to your account, go to Payments and add funds (if available in your country and currency). You can also monitor our website, Youtube videos, Facebook page, etc… to find current promo actions. We organize fax send point give-aways quite often.

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