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We make sure that the adopted solutions are always at the highest technological level. We hope that our offer will interest you and encourage you to establish fruitful cooperation, which we will perceive as a unique distinction.

Tomasz Tańcula

Founder HOTKEY404

A few words about the owner

1989 The first computer

Honestly, I don’t remember much from those days. As you can see from the photo, me, four years old, loots games on the ZX Spectrum, and according to my dad, he spent two paychecks on it in partnership with a friend. The processor had 3.5 MHz, the RAM was 16kB, and the games (after tuning the head) were loaded from cassette tapes.

Hardware description:

2002 Establishment of the first neighborhood network

2003 The first websites

It started with making a page “for aunt”. The main tool for work was a notebook and a trial version of Photoshop, and the pinnacle of satisfaction was a simple animation in Flash. Later, more people started to come by the command and the need to run a simple hosting. Interestingly, some of these sites are still active today.

2006 Running an online store

Although I started studying computer science, I saw no point in finishing it. Two months after passing the next semester and finishing my visits to the university (I only left myself a discount on travel) I got a job in a laptop shop. Although the work consisted mainly of daily adding, deleting and editing products and updating their prices, it was a good opportunity to become closer friends with many electronics wholesalers. Many of them exist to this day and supply HOTKEY404 and our clients with the necessary hardware and software. Apart from that …. I had Krakow’s Wawel outside the window, so the views are also interesting.

2013 VoIP internet telephony

Although for the last few years I have undertaken various programming jobs (linux, php, mysql), the time has come for a more serious change – employment in a newly established company dealing with VoIP internet telephony. It started modestly: with ongoing IT work and hundreds of coffees from the company coffee machine. As the new employer was a company that was just entering the VoIP technology, it was a good opportunity to learn something new from scratch. Over the next few years, the company went from being a reseller to a fully functional fixed-line telephony operator. In the end, we wrote our own VoIP platform from scratch.

2020 Own business

The experience gained over the last 20 years has resulted in the idea of setting up your own business, in which we currently design websites, network infrastructures, dedicated applications (e.g. PHP+Asterisk), we deal with IT security (e.g. ESET, Safetica, Fortigate) and for all the mentioned services we take care of the complete administration, which currently covers hundreds of servers and other devices. In the meantime, we have the opportunity to constantly develop our skills, complete further training, expand the range of services offered and regularly descale the coffee machine … because sometimes it just doesn’t work.


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