We will design a dedicated VoIP telephone exchange solution for your company.

VoIP - Voice over IP

Internet telephony is one of the basic services offered by computerization today. This technology is professionally called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It is based on the transmission of sounds via Internet links or dedicated networks using the IP protocol. The assumption of this technology is to significantly reduce call costs and improve their quality. Thanks to the possibility of limiting the amount of transmitted data – which is possible thanks to the IP protocol – calls are definitely cheaper.



You can block selected directions to which calls cannot be made. You can block incoming calls from anonymous numbers. You can set the IP address from which you will make calls.


In the customer panel, you can check the billing of outgoing and incoming calls made in any period.


You can assign any number of city numbers from any numbering zone in Poland to your account, the so-called DDI. We also offer the possibility of assigning foreign numbers from many countries.


You can assign an extension number to each SIP account and call within your customer account using 2-, 3- or 4-digit extension numbers. This is how you create a virtual exchange. The service is available on Softphone, any IP phones, VoIP gateways and mobile phones with a free SIP application.


You can enable the recording of outgoing or incoming calls and play them back at any time from your own panel. Recorded calls can be downloaded to your hard drive at any time.


With this service, you can send and receive a fax to your email account in a PDF file. You can also send a fax from your panel via file upload (web2fax). This enables significant cost savings as you do not need a separate device and faxes can be easily archived electronically.

Call Center

Reliable VoIP system for Call Center departments.

Why corporations appreciate our solutions

Call queuing

The service enables queuing of incoming calls and informing customers about the time to connect with a consultant and about their position in the queue.

Setting the connection strategy

The service can be configured in many ways, including setting a strategy for connecting to agents.

Detailed statistics

The service also includes an advanced agent load statistics module and detailed billing of incoming calls.

Non-binding presentation of the capabilities of the equipment at our disposal

Possibility of providing our service on the infrastructure already existing in the company (telephones, switchboards, etc.)

Minimum cost of implementation and installation of equipment regardless of the number of locations

Free equipment rental during the term of the contract (exchanges, gateways)

Free service for the entire duration of the contract

Comprehensive handling by our company of formalities related to the change of operator

We write dedicated solutions

We write dedicated solutions for telephone exchanges for our international clients.

Teams SBC

We create software to connect the VoIP exchange with Microsoft Teams

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Monitoring of telephone exchanges

Full monitoring

of current phone calls

View live reports

waiting time, traffic statistics, Service Level

100% compatibility

with all AMI telephone exchanges

Free installation

and system updates

Why the HOTDESK system is so efficient

HOTDESK will provide you

full monitoring of current live phone calls. You will be able to check which calls are currently going to extension numbers, queues, conferences, etc...

You will also check

which phones (extension numbers) are currently logged in and are making calls. Clear charts will show which agents/consultants run e.g. least/most calls.

View live reports

it will tell you why and where your customers wait too long in the queue and where it is worth adding more agents/consultants.

Export of reports and archiving

All reports and statistics can be downloaded as CSV files. Additionally, if you want to archive daily, weekly or monthly reports from any service, you can add sending notifications to your e-mail address in a few seconds.


The HOTDESK system is 100% compatible with all telephone exchanges that support AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface), e.g. with POLTELPBX exchanges. HOTDESK does not interfere with the current telephone system, but only collects data for your use. It only requires support for PHP 5.1+, MySQL and AMI.


The software was created using the latest technologies ensuring adequate security and data encryption (if technical conditions allow it).

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